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Mrs McGoo. Homemade Scottish tablet: Melt in the Scottish moment

Mrs McGoo heads for Pevensey Food Festival

Local food establishments are signing up to the Pevensey Food Festival, to be held in October this year, coined as ‘Pevfeast’.

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal yesterday (May 19), Shirley MacKinnon, one of the key organisers said, “just to let you know I have 10 signed up , with 6 yet to finalise if they want to. Should be able to firm up on 2 of them today”.

“PEVFEAST is decided on and event will run from 1 October to 3 November”.

Commenting on the food festival, Mrs McGoo, whose business selling homemade Scottish tablet was first road tested in Pevensey Bay in November 2018,  said, “this is going to be an amazing event”.

Regular reader of the local web platform, Bay Life, Janet Lombardelli, said “Pev feast is a good one! Be good to see smaller sellers doing tasters somewhere (pref in sunshine outdoors)”

One possibility being considered by the organisers is to have a series of stalls or a cart positioned somewhere in Pevensey Bay at which samples of local food wares can be tasted by residents and visitors, which of course could include samples of the Mrs McGoo melt in the moment Scottish homemade tablet.

Mrs McGoo is keen to adopt some ambassadorial role in the new festival venture, helping to establish the idea of a sampling cart or set of stalls as part of the new festival venture.

Plans for the Pevensey Food Festival have been given the green light by organisers as they prepare for ‘an October revolution’ of special dishes that will link 16 venues across the locality from the Heron in Westham to the highly acclaimed Raipur Indian Restaurant in Pevensey Bay.

The new small scale venture for the Bay is partly inspired by the ‘tennerfests’ in Jersey.

The fixed-price food festival is famous in the Channel Islands. For six weeks from the 1st October, local restaurants across Jersey and Guernsey are encouraged to create special, all-inclusive menus that provide diners with more at a fixed amount.

Travel site Jerseytravel.com explains that “the initiative gives restaurateurs a platform from which to promote their businesses and restaurant goers access to the finest food the islands have to offer at affordable prices. Menus start at £10.

What is interesting about the idea is the way in which menus might be made specifically for the festival that could offer variety and originality.

The festival could draw in hundreds of new people into the locality to see what is on offer at the various locations. Of course many of the venues are within walking distance.

This is something we have seen with a number of scarecrow festivals in Pevensey Bay and also with the Vehicles of Yesteryear and AquaFest events.In addition, charity weekenders at the Castle Inn, and the wassailing event each year at the Castle Market car park in Pevensey are a big local draw.

There is something about landscape of the locality that is a natural setting for these fixed feature events.

The interest demonstrated by the 10 local food establishments that have already signed up to the Pevensey Food Festival is indicative of the possibility that we may be seeing a local foodie event that over time could become a winner on the community calendar

The Pevensey Food Festival is to feature as a double page spread in the local independent newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal. You can order your copy of the Pevensey Bay Journal now, in local newsagents next Wednesday (22 May).

The Journal also includes a promotion the Mrs McGoo branded melt in the moment Scottish tablet.

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