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Mrs McGoo. Homemade Scottish tablet: Melt in the Scottish moment

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source: Pevensey Bay Journal: 10 November 2018

Melt in the moment: Homemade Scottish Tablet confectionery business chooses Pevensey Bay to test product launch

According to the The Scots Kitchen (2004), by Florence Marian McNeill, tablet is first noted in the HOUSE-BOOK OF LADY GRISELL BAILLIE. The volume dates from 1692 and is now held dear by the University of California. You can read the full text of the publication here.

Tablet differs from fudge in that it has a brittle, grainy texture, where fudge is much softer.

Mrs McGoo tablet is delicious to the tongue, soft, melt in the mouth as the flavours subtly fill your palette with a set of extraordinary flavours.

Show tested this week in the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant in Pevensey Bay, including an exquisite example with the flavour of oranges and lemons Mrs McGoo introduced her tablet to a full cafe that was wowed by what she had to offer.

Mrs McGoo home makes every batch of tablet, faithfully working in her kitchen late into the night to see that her tablet is fresh for the product launch.

The confectionery settles overnight to give the subtle grainy textures the opportunity to break out on your tastebuds.

The taste leaves a memorable moment from Scotland singing in your mouth until sunset.

The trial homemade Scottish tablet is going down a storm in Pevensey Bay, one table tested saw samples purchased and discussion of the tablet around the popular bakery and restaurant throughout the day.

Mrs McGoo herself has an extraordinary story to tell as well, about her journey from Scotland with husband Mark, when they put a pin on the map of the South East, settled on Bexhill because of the sunshine coast and arrived here twenty years ago.

Her work with retail and service management and confectionery product has seen time with Thorntons.

With her superb Christmas basket hamper brimming with Scottish tablet, made up with samples, Christmas specials and mixed packs of delight, she sold out the show with her honest charm, directness and down to earthness as she passed her samples round the cafe.

She is giving the people of Pevensey Bay an opportunity to witness an early kind of pitch with her ah hoc roadshows that are coming to Pevensey Bay, as she tests ways in which she will sell her homemade Scottish tablet,

Is Mrs McGoo headed for Dragon’s Den or straight to Harrod’s with her delicate confectionery product?

Mrs McGoo has already got backing to help her sell her product, with the promotion of Mrs McGoo and her homemade tablet to a national audience.

The foundation of her new state of the art web platform comes in February 2019, backed by a small set of investors.

Pevensey Bay is to benefit as she tests out her ah hoc roadshow in local cafes to see what response she gets from local people. as she begins to build her brand for 2019.

Think that we will be seeing and hearing more about Mrs McGoo and her homemade tablet in the coming year, with a small breakthrough business that began with a basket of delights one wet November day in Pevensey Bay.

The first of her ad hoc roadshows in Pevensey Bay is to take place at the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant in the first week in December.

Like melt in the moment bursts of delight, each of the roadshows lasts for ten minutes to give people an opportunity to taste Mrs McGoo homemade tablets.

Mrs McGoo will be bringing a small team o photographers with her to record the moments as she prepares publicity shots and promotional material for her web venture in the New Year.

As Mrs McGoo explains, “you take the High Road and I will take the Low Road and I will be in Pevensey Bay before ye”.

Congratulations to Mrs McGoo in her choice of the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant in Pevensey Bay to launch her Scottish Tablet Confectionery business.

Mrs McGoo homemade Scottish Tablet

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