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Mrs McGoo. Homemade Scottish tablet: Melt in the Scottish moment

Mrs McGoo comes to town

Scottish Mrs McGoo, who lives with husband, Mark in Bexhill chose Pevensey Bay yesterday (Thursday 6 December), to launch her latest sampling roadshow for her new business, selling homemade Scottish tablet.

Tablet is a Scottish confectionery, a little like fudge, but much finer in texture and taste.

According to the The Scots Kitchen (2004), by Florence Marian McNeill, tablet is first noted in the HOUSE-BOOK OF LADY GRISELL BAILLIE. The volume dates from 1692 and is now held dear by the University of California.

Mrs McGoo, who used to work for Thornton’s, was seen yesterday giving customers at the Ocean Bakery and Restaurant the opportunity to ‘sample her wares’.

Most popular amongst her four offerings appeared to be her ‘Salt and Caramel’ little nuggets of delight, closely followed by her ‘St. Clement’s Lemons’ option.

One customer who sampled what she had to offer described the taste of the St. Clement’s Lemon option as “exquisite and subtle”.

The Mrs McGoo roadshow sampling sessions with her tablet confectionery product have seen her booked for festivals, shows and stalls from St. Leonard’s to Hastings, Bexhill, Pevensey Bay and Eastbourne.

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal yesterday, Mrs McGoo, opening a full diary of events right through to Christmas said , have also got a commission for a wedding in Scotland in January which is tremendous”.

Her plan is to see what comes of the sampling sessions in terms of the direction of travel for the business, with a number of possibilities beginning to emerge for the New Year that look interesting.

The possibility. for example, with commissions for Scottish Weddings in the New Year, is beginning to look like her product is already finding one of a number of possible niches in the world of homemade confectionery products.

Personable Mrs McGoo talked to people at the tables yesterday at the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant.

The product is beautifully handmade packaged, She arrives with a big wicker basket overflowing with various sizes and options of the Mrs McGoo tablet, ably assisted by husband Mark.

As she sets out her wares, a cinema style small box lights up her table of delights. These signature details as well as the finery of the product, makes for an interesting start to her business journey.

As she says herself, as well as the quality of her product what stands out is her ‘authenticity’.

Small businesses that start in this way can find their niche in a crowded local bazaar for things like confectionery.

Having said that, there is something about Mrs McGoo and her homemade tablet product that suggests that as well as her small rehearsal roadshow in Pevensey Bay yesterday, she is headed on her business journey to a number of new locations.

There would be no surprise to see her, for example one day on Dragon’s Den, or with a sticker on her wares that says ‘as supplied to Harrod’s.

These are early days with her business, We will see what happens next with Mrs McGoo and her Scottish tablet product.

Most certainly there is place for niche products now with offerings sold in all kinds of original niche ways. Whether or not this can work with a confectionery product of this description remains to be seen.

The secret ingredient here is the homemadeness of the recipe and Mrs. McGoo herself.

Just before she left she appeared to have secured for herself a convert to her product with someone who seemed to have become her best friend and advocate for her Scottish tablet for life.

As she dashed to leave just after 3:00pm to make her next date, she smiled and commented to the Pevensey Bay Journal, “just melt in the Scottish moment”.

Mrs. McGoo launches her state of the art web platform next Tuesday (11 December).

image credit: Christine Racher
source: Pevensey Bay Journal: 6 December 2018

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